Adrian Holmes

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Adrian Holmes functions as a therapeutic coach and recovery companion for the Spearhead Health team. He has been working in the mental health and substance abuse field for multiple years and has spent time working at a residential treatment facility here in Los Angeles. While working in the treatment field, he was connecting with clients and helping them get out of their heads and into their bodies utilizing surfing as a modality to connect with these men. He noticed that this was a great way to help them bring down their guard, to practice mindfulness, and pick up a new hobby in their early recovery. He loved this practice so much that he started to teach surfing to men and women in recovery. This led him on his path to becoming a one-on-one recovery coach and practitioner.

Adrian has attended many trainings, seminars, and classes to become an effective companion and he is currently pursuing higher education in the field of psychology. He participates actively in his own recovery and uses his experiences to connect with the person he is helping. He grew up in a household and environment that was riddled with alcoholism and addiction. These experiences were impactful and led him down his own path of difficulties. The work he does today is passionate, meaningful, and inspired. His experience gives him the ability to connect with participants in a unique and effective way.

Adrian chooses to work in this field because he gets to wake up every day knowing that he can change the trajectory of someone’s life. This is his motivation, his purpose. His passion is to inspire and uplift, to help people find their calling and live every day to the fullest. His hobbies include action sports such as surfing, snowboarding, tennis, and mountain biking. He also loves to read, learn new fun facts, and travel the world creating memorable experiences in different cultures.