Ashley Pilgrim

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Ashley Pilgrim’s pursuit of guiding others on a path of recovery comes from a wide array of experiences of her own. Ashley has been in recovery for the last 6 years on a journey of personal growth. After earning a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University, Ashley decided to assist others in reaching their fullest potential. Her struggles and experiences with recovering from substances, living with a personality disorder, and a long history of trauma have given her the expertise and experience needed to help others.

Ashley grew up in a chaotic, broken home. Being from a family that dealt with substance abuse, domestic violence, and parents that were convicted felons, she started drinking and using drugs at 15 to escape reality. She sought safety from the dysfunctional environment by turning to her grandparents until she was 18, when they passed away. Growing up in Hollywood, she worked in the entertainment world as a model and then in the music industry. She was surrounded by drugs and alcohol, her life consisted of partying and using while seeking excitement and pleasure to escape her trauma.

She then turned heavier to drugs and alcohol to cope with the traumas of her life until around the age of 27, when she decided to make a change and get sober, becoming an active member of the 12-Step community. Also, seeking out therapy. Four years into her sobriety, she sought help from treatment centers for mental illness and love addiction. She has plenty of personal experience with different types of therapy, including DBT, EMDR, Somatic, and psychodrama, which has immensely helped her on her journey.

She describes herself as resilient and has much personal experience to share with others on a path of self-recovery. She is dedicated to helping others carry the torch of breaking generational trauma and live healthy, fulfilling life in their recovery journey.