Clark Woodliff, CADC

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Growing up in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri, Clark Woodliff had a healthy childhood, a supportive family, and every opportunity. After graduating from the University of Missouri with degrees in economics and marketing, his personal battle with mental health, alcohol, and drugs came to the precipice. Struggling with mental health and addiction issues, Clark would spend 8 years going in and out of treatments, jails, and hospitals. However, with the overwhelming support from his family and community, he was able to find sustainable recovery, contentment, and purpose.

After moving to Los Angeles to be part of the substantial recovery community, Clark found his passion and purpose in life. To help those that currently struggle with the same obstacles that he overcame. Wanting to mitigate the fear, anxiety, and hopelessness that he and his own family had experienced during his struggles, Clark went back to school and gained an Addiction Credential as a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor (CADC). He was driven to further his education to serve families from a better vantage point. Afterward, Clark worked as a counselor, case manager, program director, group facilitator, and recovery coach. Clark has had the opportunity to work one on one with hundreds of people on their path to healing. Mindfulness, nutrition, physical activity, and solution-oriented growth are the backbone that Clark utilizes when working with people struggling with mental health and substance abuse challenges. He understands that each human is unique and deserves an individualized approach.

In his free time, Clark enjoys writings songs and playing folk music, working on his classic car, spending time in his wood shop, gardening, reading, and spending time outside with his wife and dog. Engaging in creative activities has been immensely therapeutic for Clark, and he hopes to bring these experiences into the work he does, ultimately helping people find their passion for life and experience the immense amount of opportunities that it has to offer.