Matthew Jarvis

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Matthew is a former program manager at a prominent Los Angeles sober living and has since worked independently providing interventions, case management, sober companioning, coaching, and consulting since 2016. He has achieved honors and awards in his bachelor’s degree in psychology. Matthew will begin pursuing a master’s in social work next year.

Spearhead feels grateful to have Matthew and his valuable experience as a sober companion. His genuine nature and presence can be felt immediately, adding significant value to any treatment team. Matthew is excellent at establishing rapport with participants and providing a nurturing environment for stabilization and recovery. He has worked long term and challenging treatment cases, teamed up with prestigious health care organizations, helped mediate complex legal scenarios, and worked on a special needs trust to ensure long term outcomes.

Matthew found his calling and looks forward to a long career in therapeutic services. Having walked the line for many years with his own addiction and raised in an alcoholic environment, Matthew has a powerful way of relating his own personal experiences with others. In his free time, Matthew enjoys staying active at the gym, biking the beach path, connecting with a community of creatives at the local coffee shop, playing beach volleyball, record collecting, and reading. Matthew finds his joy and energy through quality time spent with friends and family.