Case Management

Spearhead Health’s Case Managers are the cornerstones of our organization.

We know how complex an individual’s life can be on a day-to-day basis when he or she is struggling on the road to recovery. Navigating appointments, coordinating engagements, and collaborating with all of the involved people – professionals, care team, and family – can go beyond the skills of most people. Spearhead relieves the burden of you or your loved one through actively arranging and directing the needed services of the client’s life. This ultimately allows family members to do their own individual healing work, resulting in a healthier family dynamic. Psychotherapists, psychiatrists, physicians, counselors, attorneys, employers, and educators are among those that a Case Manager will coordinate with, for you or on behalf of your loved one.

Spearhead Health’s Case Managers work in conjunction with all other Spearhead Health team members, offering oversight and support to the individuals care.

Our managers can and will make every arrangement necessary for the recovery of the client. Spearhead Health has a national and international network of professionals to draw from for referral or direction. This can include placement for the most fitting care directed after assessing the issues presented. Clients more often than not require a Case Manager to serve as their primary liaison, ensuring all appointments are met, tasks completed, goals achieved, and team members are kept well informed. The Case Manager offers general oversight to the plan of the client including specific needs and arrangements, and then coordinates with the family, the supportive community, and the greater community. Coordination of care, referrals, new services added or eliminated, and travel plans are among the Case Manager’s responsibilities. Updates and progress reports to the family or providers are also available through the Case Manager.

Below is a list of additional core functions of a private Case Manager:

  • General oversight of the clients well being
  • Treatment Planning
  • Coordinate care among additional treatment providers
  • Drug and alcohol monitoring
  • Accountability to commitments and appointments
  • Introduction to peer support groups
  • Liaison between family, client, and any outside treatment professionals and medical providers
  • Medication management
  • Financial Management
  • Provide resources and referrals when appropriate

We have seen firsthand the value of having a professional that understands what you’re going through, understands the behavioral healthcare space, and becomes an advocate who is able to follow you throughout your entire recovery process.

Oftentimes people start their road to recovery and bounce from therapist to therapist, treatment center to treatment center, and ultimately end up having to start over with a new person, every time. Having a private Case Manager bridges the gap between the complex world of recovery and the individual, and allows for a single team to follow you and your family on the journey from beginning to end. It is important to have someone you can trust and someone you connect with, that can support you at any stage of your recovery. We firmly believe that the likelihood of long-term sustainable results are more likely to be obtained when you have someone who knows you intimately enough, to help you reach your personal goals during your journey to recovery.

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