Spearhead Health has created a thoughtful mentoring program for adolescents & young adults struggling with:

  • Substance abuse
  • Mental health
  • Failure to launch
  • Behavioral issues

Our objective is in line with our philosophy: to help our clients foster lives with real meaning and purpose, to find new hobbies, and connect with new communities. We do this by focusing on our 4 pillars of wellness which include emotional balance, supportive communities, a healthy physical routine, and opening doors to spiritual paths.

Our Mentors are there to support young adults throughout their day-to-day life: helping to overcome obstacles and navigate the hardships and confusions of being a young adult.

They are available around the clock, either in-person or a phone call away. A Mentor can be helpful in a variety of ways.

They are positioned to:

  • Guide and support the participant
  • Model a healthy lifestyle
  • Be a companion through challenging times

We offer unending support throughout the process with face-to-face mentoring and meetings with you or your loved one in a safe and compassionate environment.

Our supervised mentors will also help with:

  • Development of healthy daily routines
  • Scheduling and time management
  • Accompany to events, meetings, riskier environments, etc
  • Providing accountability and monitor progress
  • Help to implement any skills being worked on with their therapist, psychiatrist, and treatment team
  • Introduction to peer support groups
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Development of job skills and support with job attainment- resume building, interview practice, job search
  • Development of executive functioning skills
  • Communication styles
  • Goal setting and action plans
  • Recovery and relapse prevention plans
  • Educational objectives and enrollment in school or programs
This is a service that we feel privileged to offer being that the founders both had their own struggles as young adults and have managed to find a path of healing, growth, and recovery. We understand how difficult it can be to be a young adult in the world, facing challenges and pressures, and also have an understanding of how tough it can be for parents to navigate their loved one’s journey towards becoming an independent, healthy, young adult.

Everything starts with a connection, and we place great importance on the value of an impactful connection. Spearhead intentionally and specifically matches each participant with a Mentor who provides the best chance for being a catalyst towards positive change. Once a connection is made, our Mentors go out of their way to develop trust and a rapport with the participant. From that point forward, we are collectively working together to develop a path of growth and recovery with the goal of leading the participant towards a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and consists of joy, passion, and a sense of purpose and connectedness to the world around them.

Mentors are an arm of the team that have proven to be very valuable in the overall care of an individual struggling with mental health, substance abuse, and behavioral issues. No one should go through this alone, and most people do not want to. As we all know, asking for help can be difficult, and oftentimes we need a loving push in the right direction. Having a Mentor helps bridge that gap, and provides an ongoing personal connection for your loved one.

This is a journey. It takes time, a lot of love, and an abundance of collaboration. We hope to shorten the struggle for each person we have the opportunity to help, and are committed to doing our best to make that happen.

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