Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching becomes a critical asset for the short and long-term sustainability of a participant’s life.

Spearhead Health’s Recovery Coaches serve as confidential and compassionate guides to the participant as they go through their process of recovery. Recovery coaching can give you or your loved one momentum for an enjoyable, social, and active life of wellness and health.

Our coaches place an emphasis on our four pillars: community, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness.

When working with a recovery coach, you can expect the following to be steps we are taking:

  • Identifying goals and developing action plans
  • Making connections to peer support groups
  • Regular check-ins and accountability
  • Evaluating progress and developing strategies to accelerate growth
  • Providing general support related to the individual’s recovery care plan
  • Drug testing and monitoring
  • Support with medication management
  • Exploring hobbies and interests
  • Collaborating with other team members and parties that are a part of the individuals care plan
  • Support with educational and or work related objectives
  • Development of executive functioning skills

Developing loyal and committed romantic or family relations, starting businesses, planning travel and adventure for a vacation, or providing a safe space to express vulnerable experiences and challenges are where our Coaches are utilized. Our Coaches bring an added dimension to you or your loved one’s life experience. Our compassionate, simple and direct coaching strategies are geared to enhance and elevate the participant’s life by achieving the goals that have been established. Spearhead Health’s Recovery Coaches hone in on goals through an action plan. The Core Value of Accountability is recognized and delivered through strengths, perspectives, and solution-focused interventions. Spearhead Health’s Coaches maintain a consistent and ongoing bond with participants through telephone, video chats, and direct one-on-one sessions.

Our Coaches create desired changes and new beginnings.

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