We want you to hear firsthand about how the work we do shapes our clients’ recovery experience.

We also have clients and families whom we have worked with as a resource to bring clarity to our process. They are happy to speak with you as we practice full transparency and deeply respect the process of choosing the right team to optimize your recovery experience.

My experience with Ryan and dean was life changing. I’ve worked with countless addiction centers, coaches, and companions and nothing can really match up. When I met Ryan I was in probably the darkest of place of my entire life. I was felt hopeless and feared anyone that tried to help me. He got to know me, as a person, not a patient. He was with me every step of the way. I trust him and he became my friend, biggest advocate, and made me gradually start to gain hope about my life. Overall, spearhead saves my life. I can’t recommend it more to any young adult struggling with mental health or addiction. These guys are the real deal. To parents, I wouldn’t trust your kids with better people. Ryan gave me hope for myself, my life, and my family. Five stars in an understatement.

-Emma L., past participant

Look no further if you need a helping hand! Words cannot express how grateful I am to Ryan, Dean, and the entire Spearhead Health team. They are so caring and thoughtful. Trust me when I say I spoke to so many different people before I found them. I felt so alone trying to get help for a loved one. They are personal hand holders and have treated me like family. They continue to check in and send me contacts and resources in my state. Do not hesitate to reach out to them. They are very knowledgeable regarding the complexity of mental health struggles and have provided a multitude of solutions for my family.

-Kim D., Mother of Past Participant, NYC

I highly recommend Spearhead Health for their pre and post treatment program options. Both Dean and Ryan assisted me with my son’s recovery for several months this past year. I was very pleased with their company’s honest approach as a Los Angeles Recovery and Mental Health agency. I’ve known and worked with Dean for almost a year now and have been highly impressed with him as a deeply caring individual as well as a highly skilled addiction specialist.

-Kristine O., Mother of Past Participant, Wisconsin

A life coach can have different meanings for different people. But when you meet one that is genuine and caring you know his support is the key to your success. Dean is that and much more. His level of compassion and dedication to his clients comes through every time and in every interaction. He is so diligent and attentive that you know you can count on his support any time of day. He has a holistic approach to helping individuals and in my opinion that is priceless. In a world that emphasizes success at the cost of your inner peace, Dean helps you to navigate the possibilities to be successful while being grounded with a deep sense of peace and joy. There are times when you doubt if such difficult balance can exist. All you have to do is to meet him! He is a genuine example of how it is possible to turn things around and be healthy, happy, and serene. He can be by your side on this journey. You are not alone.

-Sepi J., Mother of Past Participant, Los Angeles, CA

Spearhead Health was a wonderful resource when we needed it most. The world of recovery is daunting and when one needs to enter that world, for oneself or a loved one, it’s hard to know where to start, with whom to speak, or how to navigate the vast array of options. Ryan took us under his wing from our first conversation and guided us through the labyrinth with experience, wisdom and heart. With so much at stake he was our lifeline. Highly recommend Spearhead to anyone who needs a trusted advisor to help lead the way.


The Spearhead Health team is exceptional and they have an all hands on deck approach to helping people with mental illness. They are genuinely caring professionals who have a deep interest and a true desire to help people navigate the trials and tribulations that are part and parcel with mental health. They have always been there for me through thick and thin and their support in helping me cope with my mental illness has been invaluable. I have struggled with Bi-Polar 1 disorder for decades of my life and could not stay consistent with my medication, mood, or functioning in the world. After a year of support, my life has transformed in ways I never thought were imaginable. They were always available for support 24/7 on a whims notice. I would highly recommend Dean, Ryan, and
the entire Spearhead Health team to anyone who is struggling with a mental illness.

-T.B., past participant

This about as good as it gets when looking for a company with high ethics, experience, and integrity. Dean and Ryan are two people who actually care and have a moral code worth praising. In the treatment industry these guys are diamonds in the rough and I would recommend them to anyone seeking their services.

-Adrian Holmes, Team Member

I love that the philosophy at Spearhead Health is to treat the whole being, mind, body, and soul, while emphasizing autonomy, confidentiality, dignity, and respect. While under the care of Spearhead Health, you are connected to a community that fully understands the individual challenges one faces during all stages of recovery, whether it be from substance abuse or mental health issues, and I am in awe of their genuine, heartfelt desire to restore their clients to their best self. The team at Spearhead Health simply put works miracles.

-Diane G., Mother of Past Participant, Chicago, IL

Young people can be intelligent, generous, compassionate, inventive and highly creative people, but they rarely possess the element of wisdom, which is hard earned through intelligence being put to the test within years of experience. Ryan Gartrell is the rare exception to this rule. He has lived hard, lost and won many battles, fought for both sides of right and wrong, and became his own casualty, only to rise from the ashes like the mythical Phoenix. Ryan now possesses the wisdom of doing the right thing by people, the wisdom of inner and outer creative sustainability, the wisdom of knowing when to listen and when to speak, and the wisdom of reverence for the sacred. He is one of the only human beings I have met in their twenties who transcends Mark Twain’s cynical statement “Youth is wasted on the young” for the fact that he is living fully and presently and exploring the inner and outer reaches of his incarnation, only to share with every one of us the beneficial results of his searches.

Jaymee C., spiritual teacher

I’ve had the privilege of watching both Ryan and Dean grow personally and professionally. The two of them have become people whom I choose to look up too. They have turned their dreams and passion of helping others into a career. What is even more impressive and more important is that they live with a strong sense of purpose and moral fiber throughout everything they do and all of the decisions made behind the people they help. If my loved one was struggling at the moment, they would be blessed to have Ryan, Dean and the Spearhead team mentoring and guiding them into their dreams and passions.

-Tzvi Heber, CEO of Ascendant New York

About 5 years ago I found myself in a state I never thought I would be. I had no hope, I was depressed, and I had no idea how to change the direction I was going. What Ryan did for me to help change the path of my life will never be forgotten, and will always be more than appreciated. It wasn’t just one thing that he did to help, it was a series of actions along with simply being there and motivating me, as well as being an example. He acted selflessly and tirelessly to get me to a point where I was able to start caring about myself enough to continue the change that Ryan helped me to achieve. To this day Ryan is still there for me when I need advice or just to chat with. I would recommend any family member or friend to work with the Spearhead Health Team and would consider them lucky to have this hands on support.

-Joey F., past participant

Dean and Ryan are both really hardworking, ethical professionals who care very much about what they do. They have a highly collaborative, unique approach and are passionate advocates for their clients. I really value what they are doing in the business of recovery and trust them completely with even the most challenging cases.

-Taylor Ketchum, Owner of Living Now Sober Livings

The world of mental heath can be difficult to navigate. That’s why it’s so important to have experienced and passionate advocates. That is exactly what you will get out of Spearhead. I could not have higher praise for the professionals that work here.

-Sam N., past participant

The passion, dedication, and expertise that Dean and Ryan bring to their work with families and individuals is unparalleled. They work tirelessly to help those in need heal, recover, and build fulfilling lives. With their firsthand experience of recovery and sobriety, they are able to connect with those still struggling in a way that is truly transformative and healing. They hold themselves to the highest standard of ethics and professionalism, and bring kindness and compassion to every relationship. They are a pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend them highly enough!

-Ashley Nahai, LMFT

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