Educational Consultants

At Spearhead Health we commonly work alongside Educational Consultants as many of our clients are seeking alternative schooling or working to admit into a College Setting.

We are accustomed to working with Educational Consultants regularly with our adolescent and young adult clients. Schooling is often a top priority for these individuals. The expertise of Educational Consultants is a valuable asset towards navigating educational options.

We always attempt to accommodate Educational Consultants and have done so in the following ways:

  • Oversight and follow through with filling out applications for schooling
  • Creating a schedule to accommodate tutoring or specialized learning
  • Specialized companions matched uniquely to needs of the individual
  • Mentoring around various professional interests
  • Distress management
  • Collaborative approach in defining roles and constant communication
  • Life skill development and accountability
  • Support and coaching around executive functioning
  • Support with medication management
  • Detailed weekly reporting

Please feel free to schedule a consultation and we can specifically discuss how to best meet your needs.

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