What is your success rate?

While we wish we could give a precise number, this is one of the most challenging things to give an accurate answer on, due to the complexities that come along with the road to recovery. It is important to consider the barometer of success that we are looking through. What we can say, is that in our time operating, we have a plethora of families that are willing and able to jump on a call with you to share about their personal experience working with the Spearhead team- we feel confident that you will receive a promising and confidence bearing response.

How do you determine placement for families and participants?

At the onset of beginning care with a new participant, we conduct an initial assessment. In some cases, we are not able to speak directly to the participant (Johnson Model Interventions), which in that case, we lean on the family and all relevant parties to gather appropriate information. Our assessment covers a multitude of factors which include matters such as treatment history, medical issues, age, financial capabilities, insurance coverage, family history, goals, passions, employment history, past trauma, mental health diagnoses, etc.

In addition to our assessment, we make attempts to collaborate with any past treating professionals to gain insight which will ultimately help guide us in our placement process.

Do we accept insurance?

No, insurance does not cover our services. Spearhead Health is a private pay company. On the other hand, it is a priority of ours to get the maximum benefit out of your insurance when utilizing outside providers.

How long is your contract for?

It depends on the service that is required and it is individualized to each clients needs, it’s always best to schedule a consultation to see how Spearhead can help.

Where are you capable of providing services?

Spearhead Health offers services throughout the United States and internationally.

What does your intervention fee include?

There are many aspects to take into consideration when considering the value of and what goes into an intervention. The nuts and bolts of the intervention process include gathering information from all relevant parties, pre-intervention meeting, the intervention, and facilitation of admission to a facility that best meets the needs of the person we are seeking to help. Additionally, we include a month of family support and collaboration with the treatment program.

How do you vet programs?

Whether you realize it or not, there are thousands of treatment centers spread across the United States alone. That being the case, we take this process very seriously with the ultimate goal of matching each of our participants with a program that is going to best serve them long-term.

As a result, we have developed our own in-house process to qualifying programs. Members fro our team are actively traveling the country touring programs in person, meeting with their team members, and getting a true feel of what each program has to offer.

Some of the keys components we are evaluating are as follows:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • The experience of an alumni of your program?
  • Where does the buck stop with clinical decisions?
  • What is your staff to client ratio?
  • What are the qualifications and training processes that your front-line staff have and go through?
  • How do you staff your overnight shifts?
  • What is the average age of your programs milieu?
  • Who’s ultimately responsible for managing medications?
  • How are medications managed?
  • What does your discharge planning process entail?
  • How much effort is made to obtain past records that would be helpful in guiding your treatment process?
  • What rules someone out from being eligible to your program?
  • What does your family program and or involvement consist of?
  • What are your policies around electronics?
  • What modalities do you offer at your program?

These are some examples of the questions we are asking when going through our vetting process. There are a multitude of other questions we take into consideration, but this should help you begin to glean some sense of what this process truly entails. Aside from gathering information and touring programs in person, we would be foolish not to mention that we lean on our network of colleagues throughout the country to hear an unbiased opinion on any recent personal experiences with a program that we may be considering for you or your loved on.

How often will we receive updates?

Our team at minimum will provide a weekly update to families and all outside parties that are a part of the collaborative effort to move you or your loved one towards a healthier future. Outside of providing weekly reports, the reality is the we are on and off the phone with families, loved ones, programs, therapists, doctors, etc., all day. There is rarely a time that at least on person from our team isn’t available for a phone call. We take great pride in our communication and collaborative abilities and have chosen to make this a key component of what we provide.

How accessible are you to the people you work with?

Under our care management service, the individual from the team that has been assigned to be the care manager is available by phone/text 24/7. For all other services provided, we make it a point to have calls and meetings scheduled. That being said, we are known to be very available and easy to access regardless of the service we are offering.

What are the credentials of your team members?

The Spearhead Health team is comprised of a unique group of individuals which includes doctoral level clinicians, counselors, masters-level social workers and family therapists, a medical doctor, along with individuals that have maintained and thrived at living their own life of recovery after having had their own personal experience with mental health and or substance abuse issues.

Are you a treatment program?

We are not a treatment program and do not provide therapy. We provide concierge support services for individuals struggling with behavioral health challenges, such as comprehensive care management, recovery companions, family coaching, at home care, and home detox. In addition to this, we provide consulting services for families, professionals, businesses, family trusts, and attorneys- helping with matters such as treatment placement, resource identification, conservatorship, and education.

Do you have any financial arrangements with outside providers?

No. Spearhead Health does not accept referral fees nor have any financial arrangements with outside programs or providers.

Do you have a facility?

No, Spearhead works with many world renowned facilities in all levels of care.

Does Spearhead help the clients to find a job?

Yes, when they are ready to look for work we will help them create a resume and walk through the process of getting a job. We have relationships with different businesses in the area and can help prepare clients for job interviews. We feel it’s important to empower clients thus helping them find employment.

What is the best At Home Detox?

The best At-home detox is one that takes into account all aspects of what is driving the clients’ maladaptive patterning. Sometimes At-Home Detox is not advised based on certain parameters or containment. Often it is a great solution to providing services in a comfortable and familiar environment. It is extremely important that the level of staffing and providers are accustom to working within that setting and that the team can anticipate any need or pitfall.

Are Sober Companions available in my area?

Yes, we have a national directory of Sober Companions and Recovery Companions who can travel anywhere and reside in all regions.

Who provides at-home rehabilitation?

We have a handpicked group of some of the best providers working in treatment. We will assess the individual needs of the Client and tailor fit a schedule of services and modalities. This will include Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists, Nurses, Accountability Support and various people within the Therapeutic Spectrum. We create an atmosphere of health and accountability designed to break the cycle and perpetuate a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Is at-home rehabilitation available in my area?

Yes. Along with having Mobile Response Teams we can access our network of Providers to meet any clients geographic needs.

Can I detox from home?

In this era of Covid and Covid restrictions, many people are choosing to Detox from Home. We employ a rigorous assessment process to see if an At-Home Detox best serves our clients needs. Otherwise we employ the best and brightest in the field of recovery and can create a comfortable and safe Detox setting.

What type of intervention is best?

There are different Models for Intervention. Some examples include The Johnson Model (made popular by the show Intervention) and also The Storti Model (Motivational Intervention). Depending on each clients particular situation we stay open minded and flexible as to which way will best reach and impact our clients for a positive outcome.

How do I find an Interventionist?

Simply put, do the research. It is extremely important to pick the right Interventionist and the right Intervention model. Fly by nighters who don’t assess all aspects of the Families dynamic should be avoided. Feel free to Schedule a Consultation to find out more.

Are there Interventionists in my area?

We have Interventionists in all regions and employ many that can fly to your area to assess and intervene in almost any maladaptive pattern.

How long do Sober Companions work?

Each situation is different. Depending on lifestyle or a particular need, a Sober Companion could be a short term solution or long term option.

How important is Family Counseling during the recovery process?

Family Counseling or Coaching is extremely important during this process. Addiction and Mental Health issues rearrange the entire Family Dynamic. Also many of the healthier solutions for a family run counter-intuitive to traditional ideas of parenting or supporting someone in a relationship. There is much to learn of how to express oneself, healthy boundaries and navigating treatment to obtain the most value. There are many questions that arise for the family such as:

  • When should my loved on come home?
  • Is aftercare really needed?
  • When should my loved one go back to work?
  • My loved one is expressing that they have been through a traumatic even, how do I provide support?
  • The want me to give them their car back. Should I?

Helping to navigate these questions and maintain a unified front within the family can be difficult. This is crucial to maximizing your loved ones treatment experience.

Do I need an Interventioninst?

Please feel free to contact us. There are many variables involved with this question including willingness and risk. We are happy to help. Please schedule a consultation.

What is the Johnson Model of Intervention?

The Johnson Intervention is a therapeutic technique in which members of the person’s social network confront him or her about the damage the drinking or drug use has caused and the action they will take if treatment is refused.

When is it appropriate to use a Sober Companion?

There are many times when a Sober Companion is a great solution to maintaining sobriety during at risk situations. Whether awaiting a bed at a Treatment Facility, having to work early on in the recovery process, having to engage in high risk locations or as an alternative to traditional aftercare.

What is a Recovery Companion?

A recovery Companion acts similarly to a Sober Companion but instead of being particularly trained for Substance Use they are adept at handling mental health issues such as mood disorder, failure to launch, thought disorder, process addictions etc.

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