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Who is Spearhead?

Spearhead Health is a private consulting and care management company that helps individuals and families that are struggling with substance abuse, addiction, mental health and behavioral challenges. We are a dynamic team of behavioral healthcare professionals, here to guide you through all stages of the recovery process.

Our Mission

Our mission at Spearhead Health is simple in words but requires great effort to execute. Our mission is to give families and participants the best experience possible while going through the process of recovery and navigating challenges with mental health, addiction, and behavioral issues.

Our Approach

Spearhead’s 4 Pillars of Wellness:


Nutrition, exercise, sleep, energy balance


Mental Wellness: thoughts, feelings, behaviors, patterns, reactions and responses


Friends, neighbors, family, faith-oriented, support and encouragement from others


Consistent effort towards becoming at peace with oneself, alone. Faith in yourself. Thoughtful and meaningful connection to all that is going on around you.

Spearhead Health has an approach and a philosophy of wellness that is integrative. We use the term integrative to describe the many aspects of care that goes into all of our activities with the individual, the family, the variety of professionals, the supportive community, and the greater community. Wellness is the cornerstone of a high quality of life, which is accomplished through a dynamic process. This process includes the individual along with the supporting pieces in the individual’s life. Spearhead Health defines wellness as an active and goal-oriented process in becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Our integrative approach to wellness gives our participants discipline, consistency, new practices, and healthy habits, which in turn builds self-esteem. The Spearhead Health process is critical in early recovery and an ongoing application of skills necessary for a sustainable, long-term, and meaningful life of purpose. Our approach is entirely customized, specific to each participant’s needs, and hands-on in the most supportive way possible.


The Spearhead Health team is exceptional and they have an all hands on deck approach to helping people with mental illness. They are genuinely caring professionals who have a deep interest and a true desire to help people navigate the trials and tribulations that are part and parcel with mental health. They have always been there for me through thick and thin and their support in helping me cope with my mental illness has been invaluable. I have struggled with Bi-Polar 1 disorder for decades of my life and could not stay consistent with my medication, mood, or functioning in the world. After a year of support, my life has transformed in ways I never thought were imaginable. They were always available for support 24/7 on a whims notice. I would highly recommend Dean, Ryan, and the entire Spearhead Health team to anyone who is struggling with a mental illness.”

– T.B

Past Participant

Look no further if you need a helping hand! Words cannot express how grateful I am to Ryan, Dean, and the entire Spearhead Health team. They are so caring and thoughtful. Trust me when I say I spoke to so many different people before I found them. I felt so alone trying to get help for a loved one. They are personal hand holders and have treated me like family. They continue to check in and send me contacts and resources in my state. Do not hesitate to reach out to them. They are very knowledgeable regarding the complexity of mental health struggles and have provided a multitude of solutions for my family.

– Kim D

Mother of Past Participant, NYC

Dean was my eyes and ears at a point when I was still not completely trusting my son after treatment on his road to recovery. He has a gentle but firm way of guiding and encouraging. He’s a great example of recovery and we are so grateful to have him in our lives. The work that is done at Spearhead Health is patient, compassionate, loving, and collaborative.

– Rosie S.

Mother of Past Participant, NYC, NY