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At Spearhead Health, our Recovery Companions provide immense value to a participant and their family pre and post-treatment.

Our recovery companions are dynamic, responsive, and solution focused while offering 24/7 support to the participant and family that requires consistent care and attention. A Recovery Companion can be implemented to help with an array of issues anywhere on the recovery spectrum. One instance where we have seen this service be helpful includes stabilization of medication and observation for the treatment team at any time during the recovery process where hands on support is needed in the home or in a suitable location.

There are many other circumstances that may arise where a recovery companion has proven to be helpful.
These include:

  • Crisis situations while treatment placement is being solidified
  • Participant is completing treatment and is going home. The companion serves as an advocate and guide while transitioning back into the home or society which may trigger relapse, anxiety, stress, and isolation
  • The participant needs to leave a safe and structured environment such as a sober living or treatment facility for a family event, court case, funeral, or a job that requires travel
  • The family or participant prefers to create a treatment setting from their home or suitable living environment in conjunction with other professionals. Please visit Concierge Home Care
  • A recovery companion will accompany a participant during high-risk situations
  • Relapse has occurred, appointments with the treatment team are being missed or avoided, isolation and mental health issues are driving destructive behaviors and decisions.
Our Recovery Companions are trained and supervised by a licensed clinician, as well as overseen by our Care Managers. They are compassionate, supportive, and encouraging team members. All of our companions have had training in relapse prevention, co-occurring disorders, medication management, and crisis management.

From our own experience, we have seen that it’s not as challenging to become mentally stable or sober while in a treatment center or contained setting.

The real challenges begin to occur when the individual re-enters society and steps back into all of their personal life matters that were left behind, prior to entering treatment. Having one of our Recovery Companions to accompany you through the process of developing a healthy lifestyle and balancing the many things that life brings to the individual following treatment has proven to be very effective for creating long-term recovery and wellness. Our companions will focus on our four pillars of wellness throughout their time with the participant: emotional, physical, spiritual, and community wellness. They will help to introduce our clients to supportive communities, identify passions, improve mental and physical shape, provide accountability, create structure, and offer unending support to the individual as they progress on their path in recovery.

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