• Dean Moses, CADC
    Dean Moses, CADC
  • Ryan Gartrell, CADC, CIP
    Ryan Gartrell, CADC, CIP
  • Dr. Raskin, MD
    Dr. Raskin, MD
    Consulting Physician
  • Fernando Rodriguez, MBA, CIPP, CPC
    Fernando Rodriguez, MBA, CIPP, CPC
    Care Management Supervisor
  • Elliot Bokman
    Elliot Bokman
    Operations Manager
  • Max Chesnoff
    Max Chesnoff
    Administrative Manager
  • Dr. Josh Mirmelli, PsyD
    Dr. Josh Mirmelli, PsyD
    Clinical Consultant
  • Michelle Hossinei, LMFT, LCAS
    Michelle Hossinei, LMFT, LCAS
    Family Consultant
  • Ashley Nahai, LMFT
    Ashley Nahai, LMFT
    Family Coach
  • Peter Schafer, MSW
    Peter Schafer, MSW
    Family Coach
  • Lisa Smith, MME
    Lisa Smith, MME
    Family Coach
  • Daniel Patterson, M. Ed
    Daniel Patterson, M. Ed
    Educational Advisor
  • Jaymee Carpenter
    Jaymee Carpenter
    Spiritual Counselor
  • Ken Gootnick
    Ken Gootnick
    Executive Coach
  • Amy Green, CADC
    Amy Green, CADC
    Mind and Body Coach
  • Quiara Bay
    Quiara Bay
    Therapeutic Mentor/Coach
  • Nicole Cremmen
    Nicole Cremmen
    Therapeutic Mentor/Coach
  • Chris Love
    Chris Love
    Therapeutic Mentor/Coach
  • Sabrina Shapolsky
    Sabrina Shapolsky
    Care Manager
  • Jason Frank, CADC II
    Jason Frank, CADC II
    Care Manager
  • Sophie Pyne, MSW
    Sophie Pyne, MSW
    Clinical Care Manager
  • Kris Metzger
    Kris Metzger
    Care Manager
  • Otis
    Director of Joy