Legal Professionals

At Spearhead Health we often work with Criminal Defense Attorneys, Conservatorship Attorneys, Estate Attorneys and Business Attorneys.

Each legal branch requires unique services from our team and we willingly work within these parameters to provide counsel with the necessary information and crisis intervention so that they can enhance legal representation on the clients behalf.

At Spearhead we are happy to provide any number of specialized services to better inform the Legal professionals we work with. Here are examples of some of the ways we have done that:

  • Regular reporting / testing for clients with alternative sentencing
  • Coordinating letters from psychiatrists, therapists or medical professionals
  • Providing crisis companions for clients working through the conservatorship process
  • Full transparency of services with estimated costs
  • Referral to impactful treatment options and medical professionals
  • Willingness to testify on behalf of clients’ progress
  • Oversight and coordination of important court dates as well as transportation
  • Creating budgets for spending
  • Providing financial reports of client spending

Please feel free to schedule a consultation and we can specifically discuss how to best meet your needs.

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