Trust Advisors

Spearhead Health offers a concierge approach that is confidential and collaborative for estate lawyers, trustees, family advisors, and family assistants or consultants.

We understand the direct challenge posed to recovery when our clients are seeking treatment while being a beneficiary of a family trust or in the position of a family business. Often there are special augments to service so that we can work efficiently alongside Trust Advisors about what to anticipate as well as providing full transparency in terms of budgets and allowances.

Here are examples of the specific ways in which we commonly support individuals and families when a trust is involved:

  • Create Budgets for Services
  • Clear Financial Reports of Client Spending
  • Clear chain of command to request spending for services through approval of Trust
  • Impactful recommendations for specialized services to produce best outcomes for client
  • Available 24/7 should any issue arise
  • Monitor spending habits to augment with correct therapeutic interventions

We also realize that each case is unique and always maintain an open dialogue to provide best care for our clients. Trust advisors are often in key roles and we understand it is our job to do the heavy lifting in establishing boundaries for our clients while maintaining open conversation throughout the recovery process.

We have found the information we have received while working alongside Trust Advisors to be integral in providing best care and it often takes collaboration to address maladaptive behaviors best evidenced through spending habits.

Please feel free to schedule a consultation and we can specifically discuss how to best meet your needs.

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