Individuals and Families

Oftentimes we see families have been equally affected due to their loved one’s challenges.

We operate from a family systems perspective, therefore making it a priority that the whole family is receiving their own level of support.

Our approach to families and individuals is deeply intertwined in a collaborative recovery process for the entire system. We work tirelessly to bring all of the parties together in a safe, healthy, communicative, and moderated environment. Regardless of which stage of the recovery process we are in (crisis, stabilization, maintenance, or independence,) we strive to bring all participants together and work toward healing.

An understated and crucial component of the family work is that the family is aligned on a path to long term recovery.

This includes substance abuse, mental health, behavioral challenges, and failure to launch and function in the world. More specifically, we help families and individuals in the following way:

  • General oversight of the individual’s well-being
  • Treatment planning
  • Coordination of care with all outside providers
  • Drug and alcohol monitoring
  • Accountability
  • Family coaching and counseling
  • Introduction to peer support groups
  • Liaison between family, client, and any outside treatment professionals and medical providers
  • Medication management
  • Financial management
  • Provide resources and referrals when appropriate
  • Education and understanding around the issues at hand
  • Crisis management
  • Life transitions

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