What Should be Included in Your Aftercare Plan?

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Aftercare planning is an important part of the treatment process. The purpose is to help people put the pieces of their lives back together so that they can be functional, productive members of society. There are many aspects to an aftercare plan, which is why it’s important to take some time to understand what one looks like and how it will support your journey.

Spearhead Health works with some of the best aftercare providers. We can match you to the exact services you need, whether you need a recommendation for a therapist or placement into a supportive living environment. Let’s learn more about what an aftercare plan is and the components that should be included.

What is Aftercare Planning in Addiction Treatment?

Aftercare planning is designed to decrease the risk for relapse. According to studies, between 40 and 60 percent of people relapse after treatment. While relapse can feel discouraging, it is not a failure and it does not predict your long-term success. However, avoiding relapse is ideal, as each relapse presents more opportunities for overdose, arrests, domestic violence and family conflict to occur.

Your aftercare plan will be unique to you. Your plan will support your goals and help you move forward in your life. These plans are vital because most people face challenges after treatment, whether it be managing cravings, finding new friends or transitioning back home. Aftercare strategies provide the tools and resources you need to get back on your feet.

Components to Include in Your After Plan

Even though your aftercare plan will be unique, these plans tend to include many of the same components such as:

Next step for treatment

Treatment is a continuum – not a one-time event. For example, if you are leaving a residential treatment facility, your aftercare plan may recommend an intensive outpatient program or IOP.
Continued treatment ensures that you get the support and guidance you need as you make transitions in your life.

Ongoing counseling

Therapeutic work is a critical part of the healing process. Once your body has been cleared of drugs and alcohol, you need to work on the deeper aspects of your addiction. What led you to start abusing substances? Are you hiding unresolved trauma? Do you have an untreated mental health disorder?

Your aftercare plan will make recommendations on what types of counseling you need (group, individual, family), as well as how often you should attend. In addition to counseling, participation in 12-step or other supportive groups are also encouraged.

Strong support network

Good aftercare planning involves creating a strong support network with friends, family and loved ones. Having this support system will make it easier to keep busy, stay positive and fight cravings. Part of having a strong support network also involves creating boundaries, encouraging good habits and having healthy interests.

Alumni programs

Many treatment programs offer alumni programs that graduates can participate in. We highly recommend these programs, as they’ll keep you connected to others from your program while also giving you access to support tools and resources. These programs also offer additional perks like sober events, online support and telephone check-ins.

Coping strategies

Comprehensive aftercare planning also addresses the coping mechanisms you should be using to navigate your way through stressful situations. During your time in treatment, you hopefully found some tools that worked for you, whether it was group therapy, meditation, yoga or journaling. Your aftercare plan will remind you to utilize these tools.

Aftercare Planning with Spearhead Health

Aftercare plans contain many essential elements that will support you on your journey to recovery. Spearhead Health is aligned with many excellent aftercare providers. We can help create a plan that meets your needs and aligns with your goals for work, education, living arrangements, spirituality, crisis management, financial and more. Contact us for a consultation today.