Why consider a home detox?

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The first step to recovering from a drug or alcohol use disorder is detoxification, a process that removes drugs, alcohol and other toxins from the body. Even though the worst symptoms are usually over by the end of the first week, people still fear this process. They know it’s uncomfortable, especially if they’ve tried to quit before.

At Spearhead Health, we know how important a safe detox is. We are also aware that some people don’t feel comfortable going through such a difficult process away from their home. They would rather go through these symptoms in a familiar and comfortable place. However, there are clear dangers to detoxing on your own.

Fortunately, we bring the best of both worlds together. We offer the flexibility for people to detox from addictive substances at home (or in another desirable place), while providing treatment services from nurses, care managers and board-certified addiction medicine doctors. Let’s learn more about how this process works, the benefits to expect and if at-home detox is right for you.

Why You Should Consider Medically Supervised In-Home Detox

Each person is unique, and there is no one “right” way to detox, as long as you are doing so in a safe and effective manner. But for the purpose of this post, we are going to cover the benefits of detoxing at home, under the supervision of a nurse, doctor or care manager.

In-home detox brings the essential services of a detox facility into your home. This way, you don’t have to make multiple trips to an outpatient facility, or stay in an inpatient facility. You’ll receive a detailed and personalized detox plan that addresses your unique needs. It can be adjusted as needed.

All in-home detox services through Spearhead Health are medically managed. Here are some of the benefits to expect:

  • Less disruptive. With in-home detox, you do not have to travel to and from a rehabilitation facility. You can go about your day with fewer disruptions while still getting the help you need.
  • Privacy. No one has to know that you are going through detox for a drug or alcohol use disorder. In fact, many people in the spotlight choose this route because it’s private and confidential!
  • Greater comfort. Because many people experience flu-like symptoms when going through detox, it’s nice to be at home. You can enjoy a comfortable and familiar place with all of your favorite things.
  • Gain insight. When receiving care in your home, your case manager can get an inside glimpse into your home life and provide solutions that will help you succeed in recovery.

How Does Concierge Home Detox Work?

Spearhead Health begins our process with an intake assessment. This assessment will tell us if it’s safe for you to detox at home. There are some situations where we feel it’s best for a person to detox in a medically supervised facility. As long as we believe that it is safe to detox at home, we will put together a plan of action.

You can expect the following to be included in your plan:

  • Private nurse who oversees medications, vitals, nutrition and sleep
  • Doctor consultation to determine the proper medication regimen
  • Medical doctor who oversees the entire detox process
  • 5-10 days of medication tapers and monitoring
  • Labs performed on an as-needed basis
  • Regular CIWAS or COWS
  • 24/7 recovery companion

Start Your Journey with Spearhead Health

Your journey does not stop at detox! The purpose of detox is to stabilize the body so that you can participate in therapy. Talk therapy will help you understand your motivations for using drugs or alcohol, as well as better ways to cope. But don’t worry – Spearhead Health will be here for you every step of the way. We have a variety of treatment services such as counseling, mentoring and aftercare. Contact us today to start your journey in a way that works for you!