Kris Metzger

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Kris Metzger is currently obtaining her Master’s in Social Work from Boston University. Her clinical interests include substance abuse, recovery, the intertwining of co-occurring disorders and trauma, as well as the utilization of somatic healing modalities.

As someone who has been in recovery from substances for eight years, Kris is a firm believer that there is no one path when it comes to achieving sobriety and recovery. After feeling stuck for several years in her own recovery, she went to treatment for trauma and codependency at six years sober. In other words, she certainly understands recovery is often not the linear perfect path we wish it was. As a proponent of many modalities such as 12 step, various types of therapy, and treatment to name a few, Kris believes that whatever path one chooses for sobriety and recovery, one must be willing to go deep and commit to the inner work in order to achieve freedom within themselves and within their life.

firm believer in the school of thought that we all store “our stuff” in our bodies, Kris is a proponent of using yoga, the outdoors, and other various forms of movement to process, release, and move forward from trauma. As a tried and true overthinker, Kris learned the importance of getting out of one’s head and into one’s body through her own somatic work. Her aim is to help others explore and access what freedom looks like for them, enabling one to live a vast, full life previously unimaginable to them.