Lisa Smith, MME

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Lisa Smith is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist with a focus in Family Systems. She is certified in CRAFT, Invitation to Change and Motivational Interviewing and holds a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Denver. After teaching secondary education for 20 years, Lisa became who she needed when her family was struggling with Substance Use Disorder.

Through her own journey to align her personal values with evidence-based modalities of support for her oldest son, Lisa learned to combine compassion and science together to both connect with her son in a meaningful way and heal herself and her other relationships. In the process of her personal journey of recovery from SUD in her family, Lisa went from surviving her life to living and thriving, and was able to create the influence and connection that she was desperately trying to achieve as a mother.

Lisa works individually with families as well as running a group family curriculum for treatment centers across the country. She believes in the process of parallel recovery for family and support persons and uses her experience as an educator to present ideas in a way that makes learning and growth achievable. Meeting each family where they are in the process of growth and healing is important to her work guiding and honoring each person’s journey. Her primary goal is to support families to honor both themselves and their loved one with compassion and connection and to empower families to have the tools of sustainability needed to support their loved one and invite change.