Dean Moses, CADC

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Dean Moses was born 1988 in Dallas, Texas. His process of maturity was common in many respects but derailed by substance use in his formative years. The middle of two brothers, Dean experienced many successes. These are easily attributed to the love of his parents, the support of his brothers and an unwavering faith that one day his life could be less troublesome. Dean was treated many times as a young adult for alcoholism and drug addiction. Despite these detours on his road toward adulthood, he attained a Bachelor’s in Science degree from the University of Texas in Austin and solidified his sobriety while still in his 20s.

Dean went on his path of recovery with a passion to help others, primarily young adults, to reach stability and sobriety. He became an active member in the 12-Step Community, returned to school and attained an Addiction Credential as a Certified Counselor (CADC). He has been trained by and collaborated with many levels of professionals, consulting with psychiatrists, medical doctors, psychologists and psychotherapists through his Program Director position at an internationally renowned California-based treatment provider. He continued reaching people in need in addition to his studies and full-time director position through volunteer services with the YMCA and coaching basketball for school-aged boys. He regularly volunteers at homeless shelters and gives freely to many within the 12-Step fellowship community by holding meetings within his own home. He is also an active member and student of a faith-based organization in Los Angeles that resembles his upbringing as a young man in Dallas. He works closely with the Jewish Community and is active in the Beit T’shuvah Alumni program in LA, as well.

Dean is particularly skilled in working with families and young adults who have failed at thriving and who suffer from all ranges of mental illness. Dean also has a sophisticated approach when collaborating with other professionals and providers working within the treatment industry. Guiding participants therapeutically through case management, mentorship, companionship and coaching, Dean’s gift with connecting quickly and easily with hard-to-reach people is exceptional.

He describes his counseling skills with others on a one-to-one basis as his true calling. By integrating life skills in an individualistic and unique manner, Dean believes that there is not a “one-size-fits-all” method. He also speaks about working diligently at prevention and harm reduction while those he serves travel toward maximum recovery, where other providers or approaches have seemingly failed. Dean knows how to help grow seeds already planted due to his own recovery and attainment of personal development.

He has a strong belief in the community and relational model of wellness, which hones in on the necessity of connection to peers through vulnerable and courageous expressions. Dean’s life experience, his own recovery, the many years in the substance abuse and mental health treatment field, and his vast knowledge of resources within the local, regional and national arena qualify him extraordinarily. Dean is equipped to handle the delicate needs of anyone seeking help for mental health or substance abuse challenges, especially those struggling with multiple relapses.