Ryan Gartrell, CADC, CIP

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Ryan Gartrell went to his first treatment center at the age of 15 soon after the fatal overdose of his first cousin. Ryan would spend the next 10 years in and out of the criminal system and treatment facilities battling a severe heroin addiction. Ryan was 25 when he would settle into a long-term period of recovery, wellness, and personal growth. Six years later, he has set a course with his business partner, Dean Moses, to bring the joy of life to others through Spearhead Health Advocacy.

Ryan is the youngest son of his parents and grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina. He was passionate about sports, friendship, and music when he became overcome by severe addiction. Ryan went through every variety of treatment from medication-assisted treatment methods, state-funded facilities, 12-Step and religiously based interventions in multiple states. He came to California in 2015 to his last treatment before becoming healthy and inspired.

As a strong member of the recovery community and a trusted professional in the treatment industry, Ryan is passionate about helping others find their drive for life and passion for success. Over five years have past and Ryan has worked with the leaders of the industry in two well-known inpatient facilities; one being a primary mental health inpatient facility and the other a dual-diagnosis inpatient facility. He has also managed two separate sober living homes in the Los Angeles area. Ryan is skilled with all walks of life in bringing connection, vulnerability and courage to anyone he meets seeking a chance at change.

Ryan has humility and grace that represents his genuine character. Ryan is readily able to take on the challenges that families and individuals face with respect to all levels of severity in mental health and substance use problems. Together with Dean Moses, they aim to reach those just starting out in recovery and those that have fallen many times due to the complexities of addiction and mental health challenges. They do this through the individual, the family, and the community.

Ryan has traveled the country and internationally as a representative of the treatment industry in California. He considers his opportunity as a gift needed to be shared with others in need. He is skilled in mindfulness-based methods, group counseling, and one-to-one processes. Families that have worked with Ryan regularly comment that he was the difference that made the shift for their loved one.

In addition to his multiple years of working in treatment, Ryan has gained an Addiction Credential as a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor (CADC). He looks toward the future to bring a sense of meaning and purpose to those wanting his and Dean’s help through Spearhead Health Advocacy.