Nicole Cremmen

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Niki Cremmen is currently studying to obtain a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from from Antioch University with a specialization in spiritual and depth psychology. She has been working as a mentor for the past two years and has coached countless individuals on their journey to recovery for over six years. Her passion for helping others stems from her personal battle with addiction and self-destructive habits.

At 18 years old Niki went to treatment for an eating disorder where she came to terms with her relationship with drugs and alcohol and has been sober since. There, she realized the true problem wasn’t actually outside of her but inside of her and grew fascinated by personal growth, healing and developing her relationship with herself.

Today, Niki’s greatest passion is helping others along their own journey of healing and growing. As a mentor, Niki hopes to act as a guiding light, creating a loving and supportive relationship and allowing others to relate and share openly about themselves. Her experience taught her that when you change the inside, the outside follows and she only hopes to see others experience this for themselves.