Quiara Bay

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Quiara has been working as a helping professional since 2014. While receiving her degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, with an emphasis in women’s health and IVF, Quiara began coaching her patients to stay grounded during challenging times. Quiara has a natural ability to support, encourage, and empower each one of her clients to move forward with their goals and intentions. She utilizes a variety of skills she has learned throughout the years to keep clients motivated and inspired.

Quiara works best with people who have high levels of anxiety, are emotionally distressed, and dealing with crisis. Quiara’s ability to truly meet clients where they are at allows her the ability to guide them through difficult situations while preserving their feelings of control and having agency in their lives. Quiara also specializes in working with teens and adults with mental health or addiction issues.

Quiara has a robust variety of quality clinical experiences, working with a broad range of populations. She has the benefit of utilizing multiple skill sets to creatively and compassionately address the needs and concerns of her clients. Quiara is also a reiki practitioner who enjoys intuitive crystal work and has assisted a multitude of clients to create mindfulness practices to reduce anxiety and increase their moods. Quiara has creative solutions for people that don’t typically like to meditate and finds ways to guide them to calmness. Quiara also has a history of elite competitive horseback riding, which is a big reason why she also trains in the area of equine therapy.